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Valentines Day Fundraiser

We are doing a fundraiser here at Doggy Dorchester for Valentines Day.

The fundraiser is for "Animals Of The World".

Animals of the world is a registered charity in Cambodia that we are very proud to supported for over 5 years now.

We have been busy baking day and night and have Doggy Biscuits for sale here in the office. The dogs cant get enough of them! A very healthy treat and home made.

This is Georgia who runs the charity and is busy baking in Cambodia after we raised over £500 to buy her an oven and all the baking supplies. She can now bake her own biscuits for her dogs and save a fortune at the same time using much needed money where it needs it .

When you pick up or drop off your dog, take a bag home with you a donation to the charity will be gratefully received and faithfully applied. This charity is extremely close to our hearts please be generous and help us continue to support them and save the animals from the meat trade.

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