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Kai and Milos Rehoming

Kai and Milos Rehoming | Doggy Dorchester. Rehoming dogs fills us with so much happiness.

Most people don't realise that a big part of Doggy Dorchester is rehoming. If we see a dog that needs rehoming then we do our best to help. Those of you that follow us on Facebook know this and most recently through a posts a few weeks ago when the dog was left chained outside its London flat. Specky saw this whilst picking up dogs and offered a flight case (free of charge) to the owners so that the dog could have a warm place to sleep and be sheltered from the wind and rain but this was met with abuse. Specky being passionate about dogs told her what she thought of her and then shared it on Facebook. People couldn't believe that dog owners could be like this, its horrendous.

We spend hundreds of pounds a week looking after, feeding and then rehoming dogs. We are currently in the process of rehoming 4 Presa Canario puppies. This post and story is to ask for help, we love to re-home but theres a limit to what we can do. So any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Click here for our Donations Page (Amazon) even a packet of Dog Chews will help or some warm blankets.

Our family in Cambodia run a huge dog sanctuary and we are planning to bring some of those dogs here to the Uk and give them a chance of a great life and a new home. We will be setting up a go fund me page shortly for this more details will be given soon.

Now to get back to the story of Kai and Milo

From Ian Burns who had Kai (a male Northern Inuit) rescue from us 10 years ago and most recently

Milo a Lurcher cross a few months back. Please take the time to read it and have the tissues ready.


Its funny how you find the unsung heroes of this world. We were walking our dogs around Epping Forest as usual on a Sunday morning with our friend Pam and her dogs a little over 10 years ago. This was a mix of her own dogs and other peoples. A little business now known as Doggy Dorchester. Pam had mentioned that her daughter Specky had a rescue dog that needed a loving home. I had not realised that Pam and Specky had been rehoming and kenneling rescue dogs as well.

I was shown the picture of Kai, who was a wonderful male Northern Inuit dumped and tied to a tree in Epping. I asked Pam about him. This was the first look into rescued animals, and the process. We met up with Pam and Specky with my dogs and Kai, to see how they got on. He needed someone to get his confidence back and reassure him, he won’t be left or abused again. With that knowledge and the work ahead of us, we were allowed to take him home for a trial period. I have not looked back or have had second thoughts.

Kai at epping Forest .

Kai is a wonderful member of our family and with the trust given to us from Pam and Specky, we would not let them down. When we picked him up, we were given a bunch of Butchers tinned dog food that Kai was eating and doing well with. We have kept him on this Butchers range, for a couple of reasons. His stomach is sensitive to changes and he is a fussy boy. So why change. He is still with us and going strong as much as his age will let him. He is nearing 14 years old now and getting an old boy. 3 years ago, he won best rescue category and then the overall best in show, at the dog fete in Essendon. I had not realised that I had the same emotions as if it was my own sons winning an award. Sadly in 2020, we lost one of my other dogs Jack, which left a big hole in our lives and a bigger loss for Kai, his best friend and some one to nick his ball off.

Kai settled in at home

It took us over a year to realise that this hole would need filling. For us and for Kai. He needed a companion as well. The poor cat was not used to his attention. So when we were ready as a family to look around, we knew the best and only option was to re-home. So we contacted Pam, and asked her to look out for us. We love Staffies, and thought we would again find one. But then she contacted me regarding a dog that they had in the kennels for a charity called Rescue Rehoming Animals in Need. He was 6 month old Lurcher cross Milo, that had been caged and abused for over 3 months. He was not a dog that could be fostered, and most organisations would not put the effort in. Pam and Specky saw what Milo needed and the dog he could be. Milo didn’t trust anybody, and his aggression was to protect himself. The aggression was all show and he did not bite. This was not a dog I would have checked out, but this poor boy didn’t have a choice either.

I was invited over to Doggy Dorchester and was met with a very scared dog. So, for the next couple of days, I would sit outside Milo’s pen and talk to him and after the second day, he was taking treats from me. So, I took the plunge and sat with him inside his pen on the third day. Even though he showed his aggression at first. It was more of being scared and did not lunge or attempt to bite. Again this took a couple of visits to reassure him that I was not a threat. I was guided all the way by Specky.

Milo in his Pen an unhappy dog

Over the following days, I walked him and Milo got excited when I turned up, to the point that he was introduced to my family and my Granddaughter aged 7. He was not sure on the adults but showed excitement with my granddaughter Evie. Again the process was not rushed, Milo’s welfare was the priority; not ours.

Tracey from the Rehoming charity cleared the home visit and after the meeting with Kai and Milo, which was a success. Milo was allowed to come home. So when Specky appeared with a tray of Butchers dog food for him. This was good news for us and for both dogs. This meant that we had the same food for both dogs and didn’t have to go down the lines of different ranges. I wouldnt change Kai’s food from Butchers. Milo is progressing well and has now been able to be a puppy. He is fantastic with other animals and children, which is important in our views, but still weary with adults. But patience and time can heal. Again, we put our trust in Pam and Specky and we were shown that regardless of breed these dogs will be in your hearts forever. Again, we have not looked back both Kai and Milo are family and are doing well.

I wish to thank both Pam and Specky who put so much of their own time and resources into rescued dogs.

Milo Now - Fills us with tears seeing how happy he is.

This is not about money, as Doggy Dorchester is a wonderful playground for other people’s dogs. They quietly do this for the dog’s welfare and do not take enough credit for the work not seen or advertised. I do believe that these smaller charities and volunteer kennels, need supporting regardless of size. I think some of the bigger organisations could take a few tips from them. I would always encourage people to look at rehoming dogs first. There are committed and safe kennels to buy dogs from. But we all know that the market is made up of the horrid traders, that will sell unhealthy puppies at an earlier age than allowed. And totally disregard the mother’s health and her pups. You see by my photo’s above; how healthy they look. From the black and white photo of Milo in the pen on our first meeting, showing ears down and a vague stare, to the proud stance 3 months later. The images of Kai, show him as a 2-year-old and an up-to-date photo. Nearing 14 years old, and still going strong.

With best wishes. Ian Burns, Kai, Milo and family

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