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Dog rescue and rehoming in Chingford Essex

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The owner of Doggy Dorchester has over 25 years of experience rescuing dogs. This is something that she has always done off of her own back. She helps other rescue organisations when they have no space etc. We are NOT A DOG RESCUE CENTRE so we do this of our own backs at our own expense. The most recent was "Milo" a Staffy crossed with a lurcher. Only 6 months old and still a pup but at 4 months he bit the owners. They muzzled him and put him in a cage for 2 months, this is just heart breaking. When we took him on it he was so nervous and aggressive that it took him 4 days to relax and be at ease around the staff. Well after a great deal of hard work that was put in by all the staff it was amazing to see the change in him after a few weeks. A family who adopted Kia a rescue of ours from 10 years ago was on a waiting list and ready to introduce a second dog to the family. We thought this would be a perfect match and it was. We met the family here to see how it went and they interacted really well with him. They then bought in their other dog Kia in and straight away they started playing together. It was at this point we knew our job was done and he was going to have a great new life.

Although we are not a rescue centre, we do work to re-home dogs with suitable owners. After all dogs themselves make great pets, often wanting little more than care and attention.

We will never stop helping rescues and giving them a chance to find happiness. Click here to see our kennels.

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1 Comment

Janet Daniel
Janet Daniel
Feb 06, 2023

Heartwarming to see the efforts of dog rescue and rehoming organizations in Chingford Essex. These dedicated individuals and groups are making a positive impact on so many dogs' lives. Keep up the great work!

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