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May 2022 Update

Dear all our valued customers.

Things have been really busty here at Doggy Dorchester. The kennels are pretty much booked solid with a waiting list now in place for certain dates. We really cant emphasise enough, if you are planning to go away make sure you book in and pay your deposit ASAP.

We have been busy rehoming dogs, this is something that we want to do more of but we fund it ourselves so we do what we can. if you want to help in a small way you can use our amazon wish List even a dog toy or a bottle of disinfectant is greatly appreciated. Click Here.

Slight Increase to our Prices from 1st January 2023.

Due to Covid-19, 54% of kennels have closed, which has meant our growth over the last 23 Months has been immense. We are one of the lucky ones who survived the pandemic and have come out the other side in a strong position. We are employing more people and always looking for part time staff.

In ten years we have had one price increase and this was for VAT reasons. We have done everything in our power not to increase prices. But due to energy prices being so high and running costs increasing we have had to do it. For the last 2 years we have tried to keep going at the same prices but now we have no choice than to put a small price increase in place for 2023.

With other kennels everything is extra. We pride ourselves on not charging extra for anything, Our dogs get a maximum of 6 walks a day and they get a night time walk. Kennels are cleaned again, waters are changed. free food, treats, air conditioning , heating in winter months, free facebook service of daily photos and videos, tablets, administration...the list goes on.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers for your support and our now customers who have joined us from kennels that are no longer open. We hope you understand and continue to bring your lovely dogs here.

Thank you from All The Team At Doggy Dorchester.

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