Boarding & Daycare 


we offer a wide range of services

to cater for every need. From walking, Agility, fun in the sandpit to boarding.

Your dog always comes first.

"Making every day a dog day"




We hope to build a long lasting relationship with you and your dogs .

If there is anything else you would

like us to do whilst having your

dog in our care

please just ask.

PRICE LIST  - ( inc VAT )

Day Creche Care Rates:

Up to 2 hours - £12

Up to 4 hours - £18

All Day - (9AM-5PM)- £27

Plus night time stay - £32 per night

Two Dogs - £47 per night 

Three Dogs - £56 per night 

Four Dogs - £65 per night

Pick up and drop off service

within 3 miles - £7 - £1.50 Per mile after that


Out of hours drop off and

pick up £10 per hour 

Field rent £17per hour 

Dog wash £10 per dog 

Nail clip £8 per dog 

Doggie Dorchester 3
Doggie Dorchester 3

Doggie Dorchester 3
Doggie Dorchester 3


Doggie Dorchester 2
Doggie Dorchester 2

Doggie Dorchester 2
Doggie Dorchester 2




This depends on your dogs activity

level whilst at the kennels.

They can partake in as many or as little activities as they wish.

Play involves toys and games geared towards your dogs natural instincts

Ie: Tug Chase,Seek, and retrieve etc.


For higher energy dogs.

On the site we have a

full agility course, lure machine,

sand pit, spring pole, dog climbing

frame (all supervised of course)


After all that fun and games they can retreat indoors to watch tv or just

have a well-deserved nap. 

We understand that not all dogs

will want to run around all day.

For our older clients, relaxing areas and beds ect are provided where they can go and relax.

We also have 2 poolside suites available (his and Hers) for absolute Luxury.

doggie dorchester
doggie dorchester

doggie dorchester
doggie dorchester

Doggie dorchester website
Doggie dorchester website

Doggie Dorchester 3
Doggie Dorchester 3

Doggie dorchester website
Doggie dorchester website



We ask all owners to give us all full details

of your dogs feeding regime.

If you require us to feed your dog here

at the creche we ask you to provide us with their food as to not upset

their digestive system.


When you come to collect your dog we give you a full rundown of their days activity,

If you use our collection and drop off

service we will leave you with a daily report card so you don't miss a thing.








We feed the dogs twice a day depending

on your dogs diet.

They get exercised 7-8 times a day

on a daily basis.

We never allow the dogs to be in

the kennels more than two hours everyday.

We also provide a supper service at 8pm

and give them a night walk. We do a thorough check on them and settle them for bedtime. 


All 30 Minutes.

Jumping            £10 

Obedience        £10

Recall                  £10 

Lead walking    £10



All dogs are thoroughly checked

and given a clean up and a wash before they leave to come home.


Your feedback is very important to us. Please leave a


on our comments

and feedback page.

Our Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a holiday as great as yours.!