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  New Client Form


For us to take your dogs on you need to attend a viewing with your dog/dogs please download the forms beforehand and fill them in before you arrive for the viewing to save time.


You can view the kennels 7 days a week between 12-3pm,  you just need to call 0208-524-7171 to book a day and time.


Your dog needs to be up to date with all vacs including kennel cough vacs if they haven't had this one then this needs to be done at least a week before coming in. Kennel cough vacs is not included in the yearly boosters it is a liquid that goes up the nose. It doesn't stop them getting it but if they do it's not as bad as if they didn't have it. It is only associated with kennels as it is enclosed. It's airborne and a dog can catch it by simply passing another dog in the street. 


On the form below we ask for your pets id number this is the long number on your vaccination card above the bar code. 

*Please note

Click on the icon at the top of the form to download or print the form off.  

It is a PDF Document so you can download or print it (we do not email it).


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