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Pre-Reservation Checklist

Good afternoon everyone.

We just thought that we would put a quick post up to outline what needs to be done before arriving here.


  • Ensure your dog is up to date with their inoculations and the Vet booklet is updated

  • Titre tested and certificate produced (If applicable)

  • Microchipped (legal requirement)

  • Your dog is Flea treated and Wormed

  • That the Consent Form is updated



  • Give your boarder your dogs up to date Vet card

  • Give your boarder your dogs Microchip booklet

  • Food, treats and chews they are allowed to have (if not ours)

  • Feeding, health & behavioural instructions

  • Toys and play items (at own risk)

  • Grooming equipment

  • Any medicines or current treatments

If you are anew customer make sure that you have printed the Client Form off and filled it in, you need to have it completed and with you when you arrive here CLICK HERE to download it.

Reservations require a £20 per pet non-refundable deposit regardless of any cancellation notice. Deposits are deducted from the total boarding charges on payment of boarding.

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