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Best dog boarding facilities near me

Title: Looking for the best dog boarding facilities near me? Treat your dog to a fun-filled holiday getaway at Doggy Dorchester! Book early and secure their spot now.

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to plan for your dogs vacation while you enjoy yours stress-free. At Doggy Dorchester we understand the importance of providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your beloved pup. In this blog post, we'll share some heartwarming pictures of dogs having a great time playing in our expansive 4-acre field throughout the month. We'll also remind you to book your dog's stay early for the upcoming holiday season (some availability for Christmas and New Year).

1. Playtime Bliss in Our 4-Acre Field:

We take pride in offering ample space for your four-legged family member to run, jump, and play to their heart's content. Our 4-acre field provides a safe and secure environment for dogs to socialise, exercise, and simply have a blast. Our team take pictures daily and have captured some delightful moments of dogs enjoying their playtime some of which are below. Our website and social media pages show many more Instagram & Facebook. Take a peek and see the joy your dog can have with us!

2. Stress-Free Holiday for You and Your Dog:

The holiday season can be hectic, with travel plans and family gatherings to attend. By entrusting your dog to our care, you can enjoy your festivities worry-free, knowing that your dog is in safe hands. Our experienced and compassionate staff members are dedicated to ensuring your dog's comfort, happiness, and well-being throughout their stay.

Here is a few images taken over the last month or so of our very happy residents.

3. Early Booking for a Peaceful Holiday:

Christmas and the New Year are pretty much fully booked. As the holiday season is a popular time for dog boarding, availability may become limited. By booking in advance, you can guarantee your pup's spot and have peace of mind, knowing that they will be well-cared for during your absence. For information on deposits etc Click here.

4. Personalised Attention and Care:

At Doggy Dorchester, we believe in treating every dog as an individual with unique needs and preferences. Our dedicated staff members are trained to provide personalised attention and care to ensure that your dog feels safe, loved, and comfortable throughout their stay. From cozy accommodations to engaging activities, we strive to make each dog's boarding experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Looking for your dog to have a Christmas make over and Groom? Check out our in house Dog Grooming Salon CLICK HERE

Best dog boarding facilities near me

So this holiday season, give your dog the gift of a fun-filled getaway at Doggy Dorchester]. Our spacious 4-acre field, dedicated staff, and personalised care will ensure that your dog has a memorable and enjoyable stay. Remember to book early to secure your dog's spot, as availability tends to fill up quickly during this festive time. We look forward to welcoming your beloved pet and providing them with a home away from home this Christmas and the year to come.

Contact us today to reserve your dog's boarding stay and let the holiday fun begin!

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