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PAYMENT and BOOKING policy is changing from 1/9/21

From 1st September 2021 we will require full payment on all bookings. We have had a lot of people this weekend not turn up or let us know they wouldn't be coming. We have a waiting list of clients who would have taken those appointments. Doggy Dorchester has always been very lenient with people and we do our best to fit you in. But last weekend we had all our staff working and lost a lot income due to non arrivals.


FULL PAYMENT will be required on all BOOKINGS. If you have paid for an overnight board then this takes you through till 9am the following morning. You don't have to collect at 9am but after this charges will be added on, up to 2 hours is £12 and so on.

If you are booking your holidays and want to get the boarding dates booked. Then a £20 deposit is required and full payment made before drop off. We require two weeks notice for cancellation not to lose the deposit.

So to clarify. Full payment is required when you drop your dog off on arrival. Any extra fees after 9am will need to be paid before leaving.

Payment can be made by Card, Bank Transfer Or cash.

Photographs of your dog

We have had a few people asking why they have not seen pictures of their dog on our Facebook Page or Website. Well our priority is making sure that your dog has a great time and not taking photos of them. If there are pictures then this a bonus, but please do not expect it.

Thank you everyone - Doggy Dorchester.

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