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Fun dog agility course chingford london

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Titled: Fun dog agility course chingford london

Here at Doggy Dorchester we are very proud of our Fun Dog Agility Course. Dog agility is great for keeping your dog fit, healthy and trim. There is no limit on size any dog can participate and we guarantee they will have a fun time.

Our Dog Agility Course is within a 4 acre secure field so when dogs aren't on the agility course they can run and play to their hearts content. Mentally and Physically your dog will benefit greatly and have a great time too.

Dog agility is also a great way to bond with your dog, but if your not as active as you would like to be then one of our staff can put your dog through its paces whilst you watch and enjoy the fun.

We also offer a local 3 mile pick up and drop off service. So your dog can have a great time whilst you are at work or working from home focussing on that important zoom meeting.

The agility course is only available for dogs in our care.

Fun Dog Agility Course Questions:

How much does it cost..? £15 per hour

Availability? Ring our office and we can do our best to book you in.

What obstacles does the Dog agility course have? A climbing frame, A frames, Ramps, Tunnels, Seesaw, Ball pit and Slide.

Take a look at our our 4 acre playing area click here

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