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Are you having lockdown issues with your new puppy?

During this lockdown many people are having issues with their new puppy. It is well documented that the first 4 months of a puppy's life are vital as this is when they learn about normal life.

When the lockdown ends normal life to your puppy is going to be much different to the life they currently have. Like being out and seeing things for the first time like other dogs and people. Here at Doggy Dorchester we have a large 4 acre playing area and a full agility course with lots of toys and things for your puppy to experience. Here they can mix with other small dogs and learn those important lessons in dog play and learn to be sociable. This will help greatly with separation anxiety, something that most puppy owners seem to be experiencing. This is a hard thing to see, but don't worry it is something that can be overcome.

We have Luxury kennels and when your little one comes here they can play till they fall asleep, go for a lie down and even stay for a sleep over. Our residents have 6 walks a day and always a night one. This really stimulates their senses as we are set in 4 acres of beautiful countryside theres lots of things for them to take in.

We also offer a local pick up and drop off service so your dog can have a great time whilst you at work.

Take a look at our our 4 acre playing area click here

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